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When I don't know the date when a roster bonus is due I presume it to have been due on March 12, 2013. I presume that the Patriots will pick up the player's 2013 option bonus so I include the option bonus proration in the total cap amount but until March 12 I do not include the option bonus in the Remaining Signing Bonus amount.
Salary Cap Information - Nate Ebner
Year Salary Prorated
Signing Bonus
Roster Bonus/
Weight Clause
Reporting Bonus
Workout Bonus Total Cap Figure Cash Received Remaining Guaranteed Money
Cap Hit if Cut
Cap Savings if Cut or Traded Comments
2012 $390,000 $24,150 $415,150 $486,600 $96,600
2013 $480,000 $24,150 $504,150 $480,000 $72,450 Not in Top 51. If cut after June 1, 2013 dead money hit equals $24,150 in 2013 and $48,300 in 2014
2014 $570,000 $24,150 $594,150 $570,000 $48,300 $50,850 If cut in 2014, a player with a $495,000 salary would take his place in the Top 51.
2015 $660,000 $24,150 $684,150 $660,000 $24,150 $660,000

Nate Ebner - Christopher Price reported on July 17, 2012 that "The defensive back/former rugby star has signed a four-year deal that includes base salaries of $390,000 (2012), $480,000 (2013), $570,000 (2104) and $660,000 (2015), per NFLPA documents. In addition, a league source indicates Ebner received a $96,600 signing bonus."

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