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NFLPA announced that the Patriots carried over $1,347,882 in cap space

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7 years ago at 9:28 pm ET
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Today (February 25, 2016) the NFLPA announced the carryover amounts for all 32 teams. Under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, each NFL Club has the option to carry over unused cap space from the prior League Year. The average carryover amount was $6,373,847. The Patriots carried over $1,347,882 in cap space. The $1,347,822 is 100% of their ending 2015 cap space. The Patriots total was the fifth lowest of all 32 teams and the lowest among the 16 AFC teams.

This announcement seems like a good time to explain how a team’s adjusted cap number is derived and to answer questions about the carryover amount. A team’s adjusted cap consists of 3 numbers
1.) League Cap Number
2.) Prior Year Carryover
3.) Adjustments primarily the LTBE/NLTBE adjustment but can include salary grievances.

The 2015 League cap was $143,280,000. The Patriots 2015 adjusted cap number was $144,578,084.
$143,280,000 (League Cap)
+ $5,258,054 (2014 Ending Cap Space Carryover)
+ $1,184,000 Aaron Hernandez salary grievance credit.
– $5,143,970 (LTBE/NLTBE adjustment)
= $144,578,084.

The Patriots 2016 adjusted cap number will be a total of the following
1.) the League Cap – the latest projection for which is $155 million
2.) the 2015 Carryover amount of $1,347,882
3.) Adjustments primarily the LTBE/NLTBE adjustment – I currently project the amount to be $3,188,125.

+ $ 1,347,882
+ $ 3,188,125

Some frequently asked questions about the carryover amount

Q: Was I including the $1,347,882 in my $ 13,293,036 cap space number?
A: Yes, I was. Have been doing so since early January.

Q: How much cap space did the Patriots carry over from the 2014 season into the 2015 season?
A: $5,258,054

Q: Why was the Patriots carryover amount so low as compared to the rest of the NFL?
A: The Patriots were continually replacing injured players throughout the season. In the middle of November I projected that the Patriots would end the season with about $2 million in cap space.

Q: Was the low Patriots carryover amount a reflection of their 2015 cash spending?
A: Partly, the Patriots spent over 100% of the 2015 cap primarily on McCourty, Solder, Gostkowski, and replacing injured players

Q: Can teams continue to roll over cap space in perpetuity?
A: Yes, they can. Please note that teams are required to spend in cash 89% of the League for the 2013/2014/2015/2016 League Years

Q: When do I expect the League Cap to be announced?
A: Past history (2015) tells us to expect the announcement on March 2, a week before the 2016 free agency ends.

Q: Why would teams not carryover 100% of their unused cap space?
A: To cover incentives, salary grievances, and to fend off raiding of their practice squad. Postseason pay is considered a benefit with this one exception – if a Practice Squad Player Contract is executed or renegotiated after December 1 for more than the minimum Practice Squad salary all of the salary paid to such a Practice Squad player during the postseason will be counted as Salary and would count against the salary cap.

Q: Can not rolling over 100% of their unused cap space help teams reach the 89% cash spending requirement?
A: No, since the requirement is based on the League Cap and not the team’s adjusted cap number.

Q: Where can I read more about the Aaron Hernandez credit?
A: To read more information on the Hernandez credit please see this blog post of mine

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