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2016 League Cap has been set at $155.27 million; Patriots have $13.56 million in cap space

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On February 26, 2016 it was widely reported that 2016 League Cap will be $155.27 million, an increase of $11,990,000 over the 2015 League Cap of $143,280,000.

2/26/2016 8:30 PM Answered the question about whether or not my $13.56 million cap number accounts for the recent retirement of Jerod Mayo.

This announcement seems like a good time to explain how a team’s adjusted cap number is derived and to answer questions about the carryover amount. A team’s adjusted cap consists of 3 numbers
1.) League Cap Number
2.) Prior Year Carryover
3.) Adjustments primarily the LTBE/NLTBE adjustment but can include salary grievances.

The 2015 League cap was $143,280,000. The Patriots 2015 adjusted cap number was $144,578,084.
$143,280,000 (League Cap)
+ $5,258,054 (2014 Ending Cap Space Carryover)
+ $1,184,000 Aaron Hernandez salary grievance credit.
– $5,143,970 (LTBE/NLTBE adjustment)
= $144,578,084.

The Patriots 2016 adjusted cap number will be a total of the following
1.) the League Cap – $155.27 million
2.) the 2015 Carryover amount of $1,347,882
3.) Adjustments primarily the LTBE/NLTBE adjustment – I currently project the amount to be $3,188,125.

+ $ 1,347,882
+ $ 3,188,125

Some frequently asked questions about the 2016 League Cap announcement.

Q: How much cap space do the Patriots have?
A: $13,563,036. $159,860,007 (Patriots adjusted cap number) minus $146,242,971 (Cap Commitments) equals $13,563,036. For more details on the Patriots salary cap please visit my salary cap page.

Q: Does the $13,536,036 include the cap savings from Jerod Mayo’s retirement?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: How much cap space did the Patriots carry over from the 2014 season into the 2015 season?
A: $5,258,054

Q: How much cap space will be taken by the 2016 draft class?
A: Exact amount will not be known until after the draft. If the Patriots do not trade any of their current 10 draft picks, signing them should take between $1.2 and $1.5 million.

Q: What have been the Patriots adjusted cap numbers under the new CBA
2011 $120,000,000
2012 $128,391,862
2013 $129,656,344
2014 $139,109,051
2015 $144,578,084
2016 $159,860,007

Q: Where does the Patriots rank in cap space?
A: Bottom third. Then again, they have very key players hitting free agency on March 9th

Q: Is the $13.5 million in cap space enough for the rest of the 2016 League Year?
A: It is not. The Patriots will need to create cap space. I list several ways on how they can do so in this blog post.

Q: How much did the Patriots adjusted cap increase from 2015 to 2016?
A: $15,281,923

Q: Could the Patriots get a credit for Aaron Hernandez on their 2016 cap?
A: Possible but it is more likely that the credit will be applied to the 2017 cap after his double-murder trial is over.

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