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Patscap breaks down the salary cap implications of the Rams signing of Dominique Easley

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On May 17, 2016 the Los Angeles Rams signed former New England Patriot Dominique Easley to a contract. Dominique Easley was waived by the Patriots on April 13th. His 2016 salary of $1,083,959 was fully guaranteed. Ever since the report of Easley’s signing I have thought of the answers to the following questions.

Q: How does this signing affect the 2016 Patriots salary cap?
A: It does not affect it all since any credit for any cash received by Easley from the Rams will come in 2017. From the CBA – “In the event that a Club receives a refund from the player of any previously-paid Salary, or the Club fails to pay any previously allocated portion of a signing bonus (including any amount treated as signing bonus), such amount as has previously been included in Team Salary shall be credited to the Club’s Team Salary for the next League Year.” In Easley’s case the next League Year will be the 2017 League Year which will begin sometime in March, 2017.

Q: How much credit can the Patriots receive in 2017?
A: A maximum of $1,083,959.

Q: Will the Patriots receive a 2017 compensatory pick as a result of this signing?
A: No. Dominique Easley does not qualify to be included in the compensatory pick formula as he does not have four accrued seasons and more importantly he was waived. Cut players are not eligible to be included in the compensatory pick calculations.

Q: What is Easley’s minimum salary for 2016?
A: $600,000.

Q: Does Easley have to make the 53-man roster for the Patriots to get a credit?
A: No. He could receive a signing bonus on May 17, be waived by the Rams in September, and not picked up by another team and the Patriots will still get a credit in 2017 for the 2016 Rams signing bonus.

Q: If the Rams sign Easley to a long-term deal in 2017 will the Patriots get a credit in 2018?
A: No. The credit only applies to his 2016 Patriots salary.

Q: What if the Rams waive Easley and another team claims him and Easley is on their roster for the 2016 season earning a $600,000 salary?
A: Patriots will get a credit for $600,000. It does not matter how many other teams Easley is on 2016. It matters how much he gets paid by other teams in 2016.

Q: If the Rams make it to the playoffs, will the Patriots get a credit for his postseason pay?
A: No, since postseason pay is considered a benefit and is not considered salary.

Q: How long is Easley’s deal with the Los Angeles Rams?
A: Reported to be a one-year deal.

Q: Is Dominique Easley to be placed on the Rams practice squad?
A: Yes. Under the new practice squad rules a player with two accrued seasons like Easley can be signed to a practice squad.

Added on May 19

Q: If Easley is on the Rams roster Week 1 is his 2016 Rams salary then guaranteed?
A: No, because he does not have four accrued seasons.

Q: If Easley’s 2016 Rams salary is $600,000 how much will he get paid for each week?
A: $600,000 divided by 17 weeks equals $35,294. Players are paid for the bye week.

Q: If Easley is placed on the Rams practice squad, will the Patriots still receive a 2017 credit? Tip of the hat to @camburkeburke for this question.
A: Yes.

Q: What is the salary for a practice squad player?
A: The minimum salary is $6,900 a week or $110,400 for the season.

Added on May 20

Q: Is it (2017 credit) all or nothing? Or is there prorated 2017 credit for how many games on roster? Tip of the hat to @peterdawe for this question.
A: 2017 credit is dependent on how many weeks Easley is paid for by the Rams. If on the roster for 4 weeks, Pats will receive a credit in 2017 for four weeks pay.

Q: If Dominique Easley gets paid by the Rams for attending their offseason workout sessions, will the Patriots receive a credit in 2017?
A: Yes, $195 for each workout session attended. Maximum number of session is 36.

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