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Patscap breaks down the Patriots’ use of the May 9th tender on LeGarrette Blount

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On May 10 ProFootballTalk.Com reported that the “The Patriots…made the May 9 tender to running back LeGarrette Blount. The offer amounts to 110 percent of his total pay in 2016, which was $1 million.”

What does this mean for the Patriots and its 2016 leading rusher, LeGarrette Blount?

1.) Exclusive Negotiating Rights – By making this May 9th tender the Patriots gave themselves exclusive negotiating rights to Blount for the time period that begins on July 22nd and ends November 13th (the Tuesday after the Week 10 games). If a team wants to acquire a tendered Blount after July 22nd they will have to trade for him.

2.) 2018 Compensatory Pick Calculations – If an unrestricted free agent like Blount signs with another team between March 9th and May 9th the player then qualifies to be included in the 2018 compensatory pick calculations. Now if Blount signs with another team between now and July 22nd he will remain eligible to be included in the 2018 compensatory pick calculations. Please note that this does not mean that the Patriots will automatically receive a 2018 compensatory pick for Blount. This tender just keeps Blount eligible to be included in the calculations. Please note that the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) limits the number of compensatory selections to the number of clubs in the League (32). Please also note that in recent years there have been more than 32 CFAs who qualified for compensatory selections under the net loss formula but whose old teams did not receive compensatory picks because the final numerical values of the CFAs were not among the 32 highest. Given the down marker for older running backs it is not likely that Blount would sign a deal that would place him in the Top 32. The current 32nd highest value is $2,050,000.

Q: What was Blount’s 2016 compensation?
A: $760,000 salary
$750,000 rushing yard incentives
$100,000 46-man active roster bonuses
$100,000 signing bonus
4,290 offseason workout bonus

Q: What was Blount’s 2017 Prior Year compensation?
A: $760,000 salary
$100,000 46-man active roster bonuses
$100,000 signing bonus

Incentives are excluded from the Prior Year Compensation formula since they are considered Performance bonuses. I am using past history to exclude the offseason workout bonus money. Quoting the CBA – For the purposes of this Subsection, “Prior Year Salary” means the total of the Paragraph 5 Salary, roster and reporting bonuses, pro-rata portion of signing bonus, and other payments to players in compensation for the playing of professional football for the last year of the player’s most recently negotiated Player Contract, except for performance bonuses other than roster and reporting bonuses”

Q: What will be Blount’s 2017 cap number?
A: $1.99M by my guesstimate. 1.1M salary plus 100,000 in 46-man active roster bonuses ($6,250 per game) plus $40,000 in offseason workout bonus money plus $750,000 in LTBE (Likely to be Earned Incentives).

$1,056,000 salary 1,056,000 is 110% of $960,000 Blount’s Prior year compensation
750,000 rushing yard incentives – Am including his incentives because of this clause in the CBA – “with all other terms of his contract identical
to his prior year’s contract”
100,000 46-man active roster bonuses ($6,250 per game) – Am including his 46-man active roster bonuses because of this clause in the CBA – “with all other terms of his contract identical to his prior year’s contract”
40,000 offseason workout bonus – Am including his offseason workout because of this clause in the CBA – “with all other terms of his contract identical
to his prior year’s contract”

Q: I have seen some reports that Blount will get a $110,000 signing bonus. Why are you not including that in your numbers?
A: I trust my interpretation of the CBA’s Article 9, Section 1 Paragraph(b).

Q: When will Blount’s tender start to count against the Patriots 2017 cap?
A: July 15. Quoting the CBA – “For players who are Unrestricted Free Agents, the June 1 Tender, if made, will be included in Team Salary as of July 15 and thereafter until the player is signed, the Tender is withdrawn, the Team’s rights are relinquished or extinguished, or the Tuesday following the tenth week of the regular season (if the player is unsigned). Please note that per an agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA the June 1 date was moved up to May 9th.

Q: What were Blount’s rushing years incentives?
700 rushing yards: $50,000
750 rushing yards: $50,000
800 rushing yards: $50,000
850 rushing yards: $100,000
900 rushing yards: $100,000
950 rushing yards: $100,000
1,000 rushing yards: $100,000
1,050 rushing yards: $100,000
1,100 rushing yards: $100,000

Q: How many rushing yards did Blount have in 2016?
A: 1,161

Q: From @steveclaflinIT, a Twitter follower: “If Blount signs elsewhere, and Pats add a “player lost” in the comp pick formula, does signing team then count Blount as a player gained?
A: Yes. Will not matter to teams who are unlikely to receive a 2018 comp pick. Am going to use the 49ers as an example. They have signed 12 CFAs and lost 2 CFAs. Their chances of getting a 2018 comp pick are nil or zero. Signing Blount, therefore, can’t hurt their changes. On the other hand, teams who are projected to receive 2018 compensatory picks may now not sign Blount in fear of losing a 2018 compensatory. Am going to use the Arizona Cardinals as an example. The Cardinals are projected to receive four compensatory picks in 2018. If they now sign Blount, they will lose a 2018 6th round compensatory pick by doing so.

Q: From @MattHuegel, a Twitter follower: “So if he accepts, then they could just cut him and they wouldn’t be on the hook for anything, he just wouldn’t factor into the comp formula?
A: Yes

Q: From @NotMikeMahoney, a Twitter followr: “is his salary guaranteed? If not, when can he be cut and could he sign elsewhere before week 10 if cut?
A: No part of Blount’s 2017 compensation is currently guaranteed. His 2017 salary will become fully guaranteed if he is on the Patriots Week 1 roster.

Q: How many compensatory picks are the Patriots projected by @nickkorte to receive in 2018?
A: Two
A fourth for Sheard
A fifth for Bennett
The Barkevious Mingo loss is offset by the Lawrence Guy signing.
The Logan Ryan loss is offset by the Stephon Gilmore signing.
The Chris Long loss is offset by the Rex Burkhead signing.

Q: Will the Patriots receive a compensatory pick for Michael Floyd who signed with the Vikings on May 10t?
A: No. Floyd is not eligible to be included in the 2018 compensatory pick calculations because he was signed after May 9th.

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