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Breaking down David Harris’ deal with the New England Patriots

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On July 7, 2017 I learned the following information about David Harris’ two-year deal with the defending Super Bowl champions – New England Patriots

Signing bonus: $1,250,000 (prorated over 2 years so there is $625,000 in signing bonus proration this year)
2017 base salary: $1,000,000. Do not know if this salary is fully guaranteed. (7/9/2017 6AM update – Have learned that this salary is not guaranteed at all and that the only part of Harris’ deal that is guaranteed is his $1.25 million signing bonus).
2017 roster bonus: $500,000 (46-man active roster bonus – $31,250 per game). Since David Harris was active for 15 games this bonus counts $468,750 against the 2017 cap or $31,250 times 15 games.
2017 LTBE playing-time incentives – $750,000. Please note that LTBE is short for likely to be earned. August 27 update ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss reported that David Harris “can earn $250,0000 if he plays 60 percent of the defensive snaps and an additional $500,000 if he plays 80% of the defensive snaps”.

* The amount of his 2018 playing-time incentives that will be part of his 2018 cap number will be determined by how much Harris plays in 2017. According to Football Outsiders David Harris played in 86.8% of the defensive snaps in 2016 which is why his 2017 incentives are classified LTBE.

2018 base salary: $1,750,000
2018 roster bonus: $500,000 (46-man active roster bonus – $31,250 per game)
2018 incentives: $1,000,000 in playing-time incentives.

Please note that a signing bonus is prorated equally over the life of the contract, up to five years. That is, if Harris’ deal was through the 2022 season covering six seasons any signing bonus would be prorated through the 2021 season (five seasons)

A player’s salary cap number is the total of
* his salary
* signing bonus proration, if any
* any LTBE incentives

In David Harris’ case his 2017 salary cap number is the total of
$1,000,000 salary
$ 625,000 signing bonus proration
$ 468,750 in 46-man active roster bonuses
$ 750,000 in playing-time incentives

David Harris’ maximum 2018 salary cap number is the total of
$1,750,000 salary
$ 625,000 signing bonus proration
$ 500,000 in 46-man active roster bonuses (this presumes that he is active for 16 regular-season games in 2017)
$1,050,000 in playing-time incentives (this presumes that he plays enough snaps in 2017 to have his 2018 incentives classified as LTBE)

David Harris' deal

David Harris became the 90th Patriot signed for the 2017 season and the 63rd Patriot signed for the 2018 season.

After this deal I now have the Patriots 2017 salary cap number as $13,342,862 which is the highest for this time of year for the Patriots during the Bill Belichick era.

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