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Please note that Paul Katcher of Time Magazine called this page "by far the weirdest site I came across while researching this guide" in his listing of Essential bookmarks for the true football fan. and that on Page 4 of the September 3, 2001 issue of Time Magazine this page is referred to as "informed analysis of the Patriots' salary-cap problems."

Most recent changes.

  1. Added a link to USA Today's web page that contained
  2. Created a page that lists when each current Patriot player will become a free agent in the future.
  3. Here's my attempt to deconstruct Drew Bledsoe's 2002 cap figure. I read in CBS Sportsline somewhere that his 2002 cap figure would be $6,333,333.
    $3,000,000 - salary
    $2,000,000 - guaranteed injury insurance. From Bryan Morry's article:"the deal also includes injury insurance that guarantees Bledsoe $6 million over the first three years of the contract. He will get $2 million each year for the first three years on top of the salary, making his total guaranteed money $14 million over the first three years of the contract." Because the NFLPA salary feature lists Bledsoe's 2002 salary as 5 million, I am very comfortable with these first two figures.
    $1,333,333 - $8 million signing bonus prorated over 6 years. Why not 4 years??Because the CBA says that "The total amount of any signing bonus shall be prorated over the term of the Player Contract in determining Team and Player Salary, except that Signing bonuses agreed to in a Capped Year may not be prorated more than three years beyond the Final Capped Year." Since the NFLPA player salary search feature lists Bledsoe's salary for every year up to the year 2010, it appears that his extension can tie him to the Patriots until 2010. At the time of Bledsoe's extension, the Final Capped Year was 2003 so the signing bonus can be prorated through the 2006 season. I am very comfortable with this figure.
    $5,760 in workout bonus money (maximum of 64 workouts times $90 per workout - See Article 35 of the CBA.

    What do I now think is Bledsoe's cap hit if he was traded??
    $6,666,667 from the acceleration of his signing bonus.

    Nick Cafardo has changed his cap hit figure on 11/13.

    He now says that that the "Patriots officials have confirmed" that "it will take a cap hit of just over $6 million" to trade or release Drew this offseason.
    Bledsoe's cap hit changes depending on who you read.
    6.7 million - Ron Borges of the Boston Globe - "So now maybe Bledsoe gets traded, because the $6.7 million salary cap hit it would take in the offseason is not so severe the team couldn't take it."
    6.37 million - <Mark Cannizzaro - "If Bledsoe is traded or released, he'll cost $6.37 million against the 2002 salary cap. If he remains on the team, he counts $6.78 million against the cap. There, too, is speculation that he could be exposed in the expansion draft."
    Jay Glazer of CBS Sportsline - "Should Bledsoe be on the roster next year, the quarterback would count $6.333 million against their cap. But if he's traded or released he would count $6.666 million -- a small difference considering the overall value of the contract could be as much as $103 million.

    According to his contract, Bledsoe's salary-cap number for next season is $6.333 million, $5 million in salary and $1.333 in previous bonus money. In three weeks Bledsoe is due a $4 million payment as the second half of an $8 million option bonus the team picked up on July 1.

    Thus, should they trade him to a team such as the Houston Texans, Detroit Lions or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, $6.666 million of this bonus would accelerate to hit the Patriots salary cap next year, a $333,333 difference."

    As of 11/26, I'm going with Glazer's figures since they make the most sense to me.

  4. Please note that Marty Moore AND David Nugent are signed through the 2002 season.
  5. It appears that Milloy restructured his contract sometime in 2002. For the longest time, the NFLPA player salary search feature listed Milloy's 2001 salary as $1,300,000. It now lists it as $477,000 so it appears that the Patriots converted $823,000 into a signing bonus, saving $685,833 of this year's cap while adding $137,167 to Milloy's cap figures for the next 5 years. I like to thank Pats39 for passing on this information.
  6. Please note that I have an expansion draft page that may answer any question(s) that you may have about the expansion draft.
  7. Edited the cap figures for Brock Williams and Terry Glenn. Please note that according to my calculations, the Patriots are over the cap. Obviously, that is wrong.
  8. Now that the regular season is here, removed the Top 51 column since it is no longer a factor. Now believe that the media reports that Edwards will be on the books for the 2002 season, lowering his 2001 cap hit.
  9. Please note that I think that the players on IR should not be listed in the Top 51 list. 9/9 Update - I was wrong about this. From the 49ers website,"As of 1:00 p.m. PDT Saturday, the NFL begins counting all 53 salaries, plus practice squad and reserve players on an individual team. Up until that time, the league counts only the top 51 salaries."
  10. Updated David Patten's cap figures. It appears that he signed a 3-year extension receiving a $1 million dollar signing bonus.
  11. Created a transactions page so as to speed up the download time of this page.
  12. Removed Robert Edwards from the roster. According to the Boston Herald, "Terms of the injury settlement were not released, but it was believed to be no more than $200,000. What's more, by releasing Edwards, the Pats actually took a hit against the salary cap. Edwards' cap number was scheduled to be $1.23 million in 2001, but after factoring in the settlement and an accelerated signing bonus proration, that number will jump to around $1.5 million. Edwards is now off the books for next season."
  13. Updated the bonus worksheet within the Excel workbook to include all types of bonuses (Reporting, roster, workout) to make it easier to figure out the cap hit if a player is released.
  14. Updated the cap figure for Glenn. From what I gathered, the Pats no longer are responsible for Glenn's 480,000 salary. According to the Boston Herald, the Pats are still responsible for the rest of his cap figure. Unfortunately, the media is reporting different figure for Glenn's cap figures. Please bear with me as this situation is very hard to figure out and follow.
  15. Created a Patriots roster page.

The letter in the parentheses after the player's name is the footnote reference letter. Please note that I hope to use the same reference letter for several players. The footnote refers only to the 2001 salary and 2001 cap figures. Please note that I am GUESSING that players scheduled to be on the IR like Katzenmoyer and Ray Hill will remain on the Top 51 list until 9/2 4PM EDT.

Name Pos Exp Signed through 2001 Salary 2001 Cap 2002 Salary 2002 Cap Signing Bonus
Andruzzi, Joe (A) OG 4 2004 448,000 468,200 550,000 733,333 183,333 PA for 3 years
Ayi, Kole LB R 2001 92,889 92,889      
Bledsoe, Drew (C) QB 8 2010 3,500,000 8,236,390 5,000,000 6,333,333 1,333,333 PA - 6 yrs
Brady, Tom (G) QB 1 2002 298,000 314,960 375,000 387,800 12,800 PA - 3 yrs
Brown, Troy (C) WR 8 2004 650,000 1,215,200 1,150,000 1,715,200 500K PA - 5 yrs
55,000 (workout)
Bruschi, Ted (C) OLB 5 2001 650,000 1,230,200     500K PA - 2 yrs
Buckley, Terrell (C) CB 9 2001 500,000 500,000      
Chatham, Matt (Z) LB 1 2001 248,333 264,493      
Cherry, Je'Rod S 5 2002 477,000 477,000 477,000 477,000  
Coleman, Fred WR R 2001 104,500 104,500      
Compton, Mike OG 8 2003 477,000 689,900 1,000,000 1,312,667 212K PA - 3yrs
Cox, Bryan LB 10 2001 600,000 800,000     150,000 - 1 year
50,000 (roster)
Name Pos Exp Signed through 2001 Salary 2001 Cap 2002 Salary 2002 Cap Signing Bonus
Edwards, Marc (C) FB 4 2002 450,000 630,200 500,000 680,200 175K PA - 2 yrs
Faulk, Kevin (D) RB 2 2003 389,000 688,160 418,000 758,000 200K PA - 5 yrs
95,000 (roster)
Glenn, Terry (C) WR 5 2007 346,667 1,979,524 675,000 3,274,400  
Hamilton, Bobby (H) DE 5 2003 500,000 705,200 550,000 756,000 150K PA - 4 yrs
Harris, Atwan (G) CB R 2002 298,000 319,660 375,000 392,500 17,500 PA - 3 yrs
Huard, Damon QB 8 2003 525,000 655,200 575,000 705,200 125K PA - 3yrs
Izzo, Larry (T) LB 5 2004 448,000 521,950 477,000 551,000 68,750 PA - 4 yrs
Jackson, Curtis (AA) WR 1 2001 210,111 210,111      
Johnson, Charles (W) WR 5 2002 500,000 600,000 1,000,000 1,100,000 100K PA - 2yrs
Johnson, Ted (H) LB 5 2003 477,000 3,976,000 3,100,000 6,577,300 500K PA - 6yrs
1MM PA - 5 yrs
106,000 (workout)
1,023,000 (roster)
Jones, Kenyatta (X) OL R 2004 209,000 300,250 300,000 391,250 91,250 PA - 4 yrs
Jones, Tebucky (C) FS 3 2002 536,950 1,167,150 628,200 1,258,960 525K PA - 5 yrs
Kelly, Ben (G) CB 1 2002 165,556 165,556 375,000 380,760  
Name Pos Exp Signed through 2001 Salary 2001 Cap 2002 Salary 2002 Cap Signing Bonus
Law, Ty (P) CB 6 2005 2,400,000 5,033,771 3,700,000 6,834,600 2,034,286 PA - 7 yrs
Light, Matt (U) OL R 2004 260,000 586,250 325,000 651,250 326,250 PA - 4 yrs
McGinest, Willie (J) DE 6 2006 477,000 4,443,900 3,400,000 8,367,700 1.6 MM PA -5 yrs
Milloy, Lawyer (O) SS 5 2006 477,000 1,576,467 2,500,000 3,463,000 857,143 PA - 7 yrs
Mitchell, Brandon DT 4 2001 448,000 476,200     25,000
Myers, Leonard (X) CB R 2004 209,000 222,750 300,000 313,750 13,750 PA - 4 yrs
Nugent, David (BB) DT 1 2002 198,667 238,827 389,000 389,000  
Parker, Riddick (A) DT 4 2001 448,000 449,200      
Pass, Patrick (G) RB 1 2002 298,000 315,500 375,000 375,000  
Patten, David WR 4 2004 490,000 795,120 600,000 855,760 50,000 - 2001
250,000 - 4 yrs
Paxton, Lonnie (U) LS 1 2001 298,000 303,200      
Phifer, Roman LB 10 2001 477,000 477,000      
Pleasant, Anthony DE 11 2003 500,000 571,867 850,000 1,096,900 67K PA - 3yrs
Name Pos Exp Signed through 2001 Salary 2001 Cap 2002 Salary 2002 Cap Signing Bonus
Redmond, J.R. (I) RB 1 2003 298,000 444,660 375,000 521,660 75K PA - 4yrs
Robinson-Randall, Greg (G) OT 1 2003 298,000 365,910 389,000 456,900 255,000 over 4 yrs
Ruegamer, Grey (A) G 2 2001 389,000 393,200      
Rutledge, Rod TE 3 2001 418,000 604,200     185K PA - 4 yrs
Seymour, Richard (X) DE R 2006 1,200,000 2,000,000 820,000 2,200,000 800K PA - 6yrs
640K PA - 5 yrs
starting in 2002
Shaw, Terrance CB 6 2002 477,000 493,700 1,500,000 3,016,700 11,500 PA - 2yrs
Smith, Antowain RB 4 2001 475,000 501,000     25,000
Small, Torrance WR 8 2001 500,000 501,200      
Smith, Otis (T) CB 11 2004 480,000 662,700 700,000 1,462,700  
Stephens, Matt S 4 2003 477,000 515,200 565,000 600,000 10K PA - 3 yrs
Name Pos Exp Signed through 2001 Salary 2001 Cap 2002 Salary 2002 Cap Signing Bonus
Turner, T.J. (X) LB R 2003 209,000 215,333 300,000 306,333 6,333 PA - 3 yrs
Vinatieri, Adam (R) K 5 2001 500,000 955,200     300K PA - 3 yrs, 150,000 (roster)
Vrabel, Mike (T) LB 4 2003 448,000 555,200 575,000 655,200 75K PA - 3 yrs
Walter, Ken (BB) K 4 2001 298,667 298,667      
Wiggins, Jermaine (U) TE 1 2001 298,000 303,120      
Williams, Brock (U) CB R 2001 209,000 209,000      
Williams, Grant (C) T 6 2001 477,000 1,242,200      
Woody, Damien (D) C 2 2004 389,000 1,183,200 418,000 1,208,000 770K PA - 5 yrs

Practice Squad Players
Name Position Cap Figure
Maurice Anderson Defensive Tackle 48,000
Drew Izner Offensive Guard 74,100
Scott McCready Wide Receiver 40,000
Thomas Ashworth Offensive Tackle 60,000
Saul Patu Defensive End 48,000

Players no longer with the Pats or on IR, or non-football-injury reserve list
15,462,774 of the cap is being spent on the above type players so that the Pats' dead money percentage is 22.94%.
I will list the players with cap hits less than $10,000 at the end of table.
Akbar, Hakim (X) 209,000 244,500 300,000 340,500 35,500 PA - 2 yrs
Bishop, Michael   12,827     8,667
Bjornson, Eric   75,000      
Brisby, Vincent   250,000      
Edwards, Robert (C)   725,200   620,000 620K PA - 5 yrs
Emanuel, Bert (A) 500,000 505,200      
Fletcher, Derrick (D)   31,333     31,333 PA - 3 yrs
Friesz, John (D)   200,000     200K PA - 3 yrs
George, Tony   117,493      
Hill, Ray 418,000 418,000      
Holloway, Jabari (X) 209,000 286,500 300,000 383,260 77,500 PA - 4 yrs
Holmberg, Rob 65,700      
Ivy, Khory   16,000      
Johnson, Lee (Y) 477,000 810,300     233K PA - 3 yrs
Katzenmoyer, Andy (D) 389,000 1,120,350 418,000 1,228,050 406,250 PA - 4 yrs
Klemm, Adrian (G) 325,000 624,160 400,000 695,000 245,000 PA - 5 yrs, 50,000 (workout)
Lane, Max (N)   1,846,667      
Love, Arthur (X) 209,000 225,250 300,000 316,250 16,250 PA - 4yrs
Marriott, Jeff (G)   46,667     23,333 PA - 3 yrs
Moore, Marty 477,000 477,000 500,000 500,000  
Panos, Joe   67,660   62,500 62,500 PA - 2 yrs
Pochman, Owen   11,500   11,500 11,500 PA - 2 yrs
Rucci, Todd   1,120,000      
Sayler, Jace (B) 209,000 211,750     2,750
Simmons, Tony(A)   192,700      
Slade, Chris (S)   1,980,000     700K PA - 5 yrs
Thomas, Hank (Q)   1,100,000     800K PA - 3 yrs
Tisdale, Casey (G)   15,333     7,667 PA - 3yrs
Whigham, Larry   330,000      
Williams, Brock (X) 209,000 351,500 300,000 448,260  
Williams, Walter (B)   120,000      
Salary Cap Adjustment   1,152,000      
Dead Money Totals (2002 figures do NOT include the players on IR) 2,654,000 14,897,330   694,000  
Totals 29,969,339 67,802,018 38,192,200 66,012,666

Terrance Beadles	- 6,160
Larry Bowie		- 5,120
Brad Costello		- 5,120
Adam Davis		- 5,120
Antico Dalton		- 5,120
Shockmain Davis		- 5,120
Chris Eitzmann		- 4,160	
Rob Gatrell		- 5,200
Reggie Grimes		- 5,120
Dan Hadenfelt		- 5,750
Yubrenal Isabelle	- 1,000 
Antonio Langham		- 1,600
David Leaverton		- 4,000
Dane Looker		- 4,160
Emarlos Leroy		- 3,760
Sean Morey		- 5,200
Chuck Osborne		- 5,200
Saul Patu		- 4,000
Jeff Paulk		- 5,120
Kato Serwanga		- 8,120
Greg Spires		- 5,200
Mauguala Tuitele        - 5,120

According to my figures the Patriots are 397,907 OVER (THIS IS WRONG!!!) the 2001 cap figure of 67,405,000 and 5,596,334 UNDER 2002's projected cap of $71,700,000. Please note that had reported on 11/12 that the Pats were under the cap by $648,000 and that Terry O'Neil reported that the Pats were under the projected 2002 cap figure by $6,520,000. So, I am off by about $1,000,000 and $600,000, respectively. Please note that I am working on reducing the discrepancy. I am wondering if Bert Emanuel was previously released in-season during his career. 18 of 22 starters from the 2000 season) are under contract for the 2001 season. 4 starters (Armstrong, Eaton, Slade, and Tony Carter) were UFAs.

Salary Cap Math - Using RealTeam's Salary Cap Figures

Current Cap Total for 68 players under contract and released players66,757,000
Estimated Cap room needed to replace injured players during the season*****750,000
Patriots Estimated Cap Cost 66,905,000
NFL Salary Cap for 200167,405,000
Maximum amount of cap space that the Pats can use without creating a need to cut a player, restructure a contract, or have a player agree to take a pay cut throughout the rest of the cap year in order to sign all of their draft picks, have a 53-man roster, a 5-man practice squad throughout the rest of the cap year, AND have a emergency reserve to replace players injured during the season. 500,000

***Since the Pats already have more than 51 players signed, the Pats should, IMO, not have to clear any more cap room by Draft Day since the rookie minimum is less than what the 51st player is making. The Pats will eventually need to clear up an additional $2MM in cap room in order to sign all of their draft picks. I am using $355,000 as a guesstimate since I am projecting that as Brock Williams' cap hit for the draft picks. He is expected to go on the IR so the Pats need to account for his entire cap figure when they make the cut down to the 53-man roster. Here are the 2001 cap figures for the 10 draft picks.

Player		Salary	Prorated Signing Bonus	7/24 Cap Hit    9/9 Cap Hit Status
Seymour	      1,200,000	  800,000	       1,611,000  $	2,000,000$$ Signed
Light           260,000   326,250		 197,250  $	  586,250$$ Signed 
Williams	209,000   142,500		 142,500   	  351,500$$ Signed
Jones           209,000    91,250		  91,250  $	  300,250$$ Signed 
Holloway        209,000    77,500		  77,500  $	  286,500$$ Signed 
Akbar           209,000    35,500		  35,500  $	  244,500$$ Signed 
Love            209,000    16,250		  16,250  $	  225,250$$ Signed 
Myers           209,000    13,750		  13,750  $	  222,750$$ Signed 
Pochman         209,000    11,500		  11,500  $       220,500$$ Signed
Turner          209,000     6,333		   6,333  $	  215,333$$ Signed
Totals	      3,132,000	1,520,833	       2,202,833        4,652,833
$ Richard Seymour and Matt Light will probably displace two players with salaries of $389K from the Top 51 list.
$$ Presuming that the player will either make the 53-man roster or the injured reserve list.
****The Pats will have to be under the cap by this amount on September 9th in order to have a 5-man practice squad and in order to have a 53-man roster.
*****The 750,000 figure comes from CNNSI's Pat Kirwan. In a cap-related article he wrote "that teams should keep a reserve pool of $750,000 to account for in-season replacements." Please note that as Jocelyn Robichaud pointed out in an email:
"The current cap status is calculated with the top 51 earners. On the other hand, not all of these players will make the team. Thus, as the team shrinks its roster to 53 players, it will create cap room unless it keeps all of its top earners. For example, let's say that Matt Stevens ($477,000 in salary) does not make the team and is replaced by Akbar (209,000 in salary. This would free $268,000 in cap room for the Patriots."

What happens if the Patriots can't get under the cap by 4PM EST March 2? The NFL Management Council would begin voiding player contracts, starting with the most recent, until the team is under the cap. I have also read that teams would be subject to a $1 million per day fine and could lose draft picks.

Future cap figures
YearNumber of Players
(2001 Starters in Bold)
Cap FigurePlayers
200245 (16)66,203,666Akbar, Andruzzi, Bledsoe,Brady, Brown, Bruschi, Cherry, Compton, Marc Edwards, Faulk, Glenn, Hamilton, Harris, Hill, Holloway, Huard, Izzo, Charles Johnson, Ted Johnson, Kenyatta Jones, Tebucky Jones, Katzenmoyer, Kelly, Klemm, Law, Light, Love, McGinest, Milloy, Moore, Myers, Nugent, Pass,Patten, Pleasant, Redmond, Robinson-Randall, Seymour, Terrance Shaw, Otis Smith, Stephens, Sullivan, Vrabel, Brock Williams, Woody
200332 (15)71,673,870Andruzzi, Bledsoe, Brown, Bruschi, Compton, Faulk, Glenn, Hamilton, Harris, Holloway, Huard, Izzo,Kenyatta Jones, Ted Johnson, Klemm, Law, Light, Love, McGinest, Milloy, Myers, Patten, Pleasant, Redmond, Robinson-Randall, Seymour, Smith, Stephens, Vrabel, Brock Williams, Woody
200419 (9)57,035,560Andruzzi, Bledsoe, Brown, Bruschi, Glenn, Holloway, Izzo, Kenyatta Jones, Klemm, Law, Light, Love, Milloy, McGinest, Myers, Patten, Seymour, Smith, Brock Williams
20056 (3)45,317,000Bledsoe, Glenn, Law, McGinest,Milloy, Seymour
20065 (2)37,136,000Bledsoe, Glenn, McGinest,Milloy, Seymour
20072 (0)15,316,000Bledsoe, Glenn
20081 (0)12,000,000Bledsoe
20091 (0)13,000,000Bledsoe
20101 (0)14,000,000Bledsoe

Salary Cap Definition

The salary cap is the absolute maximum each club may spend on player salaries in a capped year. For 2001, that amounts to 63 percent of leaguewide "Defined Gross Revenues" (divided by 31 teams), made up of preseason, regular-season and postseason gate receipts and radio and television rights. The cap is in effect throughout a year. A team can never go over the current year's cap figure. From March 2 to September 8 (the day before the season begins), the Patriots's top 51 salaried players count towards the cap, plus pro-rated signing bonuses, incentives, etc., but not base salaries of other players on the roster up to 88. Once the season begins, all salaries on the Patriots's roster (the 53 players on the regular roster as well as the 5 practice squad players) count towards the cap. With the 52nd and the 53rd players usually making the rookie minimum of $209,000 and a practice squad player making the minimum of $4,000 a week for 17 weeks, the Patriots must have be under the cap by at least $758,000 in order to have a 53-man roster and a 5-man practice squad. Please note that there is no requirement to have a practice squad. The Patriots must spend no more than $67,405,000. Added on May 12 - the Patriots have a salary cap adjustment of 1,152,000 which lowers the Patriots salary cap to 66,253,000. The Patriots salary cap adjustment appears (I am not that certain on this) to be for Not-Likely to Be Earned Incentives that were reached last year.The minimum salary cap is $56,095,000. Player benefits are $9,903,000 per club above the salary cap number.Please also note that if a veteran is on the Week 10 roster he will get his entire salary for the year even if he is released after Week 10. For a short overview on the salary cap and free agency please visit NFL.Com's Free Agency Q&A page. For a more complete examination of the salary cap please visit The Complete Collective Bargaining Agreement

From CBS Sportsline: "The rookie allocation essentially is a pool within a pool, the maximum amount of salary cap space a team can budget to its draft picks and also undrafted free agents. It is a part of, and not separate from, the leaguewide $67.405 million spending limit per team."..."Because of the so-called "rule of 51" -- which stipulates that only the 51 highest-paid players on a team's roster count against its salary cap during the offseason -- clubs will not have to carve out the entire difference between their available cap space and rookie pool allocation. For the most part, teams' middle- and low-round draft choices don't rate among the 51 highest-paid players on the roster and make no dent in the salary cap." This year the Patriots' rookie pool allocation is $4.699 million.

NFL Minimum Salary Levels for the 2001 season

Rookie              	- $209,000
1 Credited Season   	- $298,000
2 Credited Seasons  	- $389,000
3 Credited Seasons  	- $418,000
4 Credited Seasons  	- $448,000
5+ Credited Seasons 	- $477,000
NFL Minimum Salary Levels for the 2002 season
Rookie              	- $225,000
1 Credited Season   	- $300,000
2 Credited Seasons  	- $375,000
3 Credited Seasons  	- $450,000
4 to 6 Credited Seasons - $525,000 *
7 to 9 Credited Seasons - $650,000 *
10+ Credited Seasons	- $750,000 *
*All minimum salaries for players with more than four years of experience will only count $450,000 against teams' salary caps.

Quoting Section 6 of Article 34 of the CBA, "a player shall earn one Credited Season for each season during which he was on, or should have been on, full pay status for a total of three or more regular season games, but which, irrespective of the player's pay status, shall not include games for which this player was on: (i) the Exempt Commissioner Permission List; (ii) the Reserve PUP List as a result of a non-football injury; (iii) a Club's Practice or Developmental Squad; or (iv) a Club's Injured Reserve List."

Restricted Free Agency Tenders

(1 year contracts which must be offered in order for a team to retain a Right of First Refusal on a player with 3 Accrued Seasons whose contract is expired. )

1st Level. . . . .$  512,000 (team receives original draft pick in compensation)
2nd Level. . . . .$1,115,000 (team receives 1st round pick)
3rd Level. . . . .$1,488,000 (team receives 1st and 3rd round picks)

Quoting Section 1 of Article 18 of the CBA, "a player shall receive one Accrued Season for each season during which he was on, or should have been on, full pay status for a total of six or more regular season games, but which, irrespective of the player's pay status, shall not include games for which the player was on: (i) the Exempt Commissioner Permission List, (ii) the Reserve PUP List as a result of a nonfootball injury, or (iii) a Club's Practice or Development Squad."

How many accrued seasons a player has also affects his eligibility for the practice squad. According to the CBA, "the practice squad shall consist of the following players, provided that they have not served more than one previous season on a Practice Squad: (i) players who do not have an Accrued Season of NFL experience; and (ii) free agent players who were on the Active List for fewer than nine regular season games during their only Accrued Season(s). No player may be a practice squad player for more than two seasons.

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