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How to Read This Table
When I don't know the date when a roster bonus is due I presume it to have been due on the first day of the League Year. I presume that the Patriots will pick up the player's option bonus so I include the option bonus proration in the total cap amount but until the League Year begins I will not include the option bonus in the Remaining Signing Bonus amount.
Please note that for some players not all of the listed numbers will add up to their reported cap number.
Salary Cap Information - Michael Hoomanawanui
Year Salary Prorated
Signing Bonus
Roster Bonus LTBE Total Cap Figure Cash Received Remaining Signing Bonus Cap Hit if Cut Cap Savings if Cut or Traded Comments
2013 $630,000 $630,000 $630,000
2014 $740,000 $180,000 $81,250 $400,000 $1,401,250 $1,581,250 $360,000 $500,000 $481,250 $140,000 of salary is fully guaranteed. 360K signing bonus. Up to 400K in incentives. 6,250 roster bonus per game that Hoomanawanui is active (maximum value of $100,000)
2015 $800,000 $180,000 $400,000 $200,000 $1,580,000 $1,400,000 $480,000 $480,000 $585,000 Up to 400K in incentives. 6,250 roster bonus per game that Hoomanawanui is active (maximum value of $100,000)

Michael Hoomanawanui Michael Hoomanawanui restructured his RFA tender in late August/early September. He did not receive a signing bonus. On September 2nd ESPNBoston.Com's Field Yates reported that "Here are the new details:

Base salary - $630,000

Split - $358,000 (for full season if he lands on reserve list)


So if Hoomanawanui is on the team all season, and plays in 45 percent of the offensive snaps, he will earn $1 million ($630,000 base plus $370,000 in incentives). Hoomanawanui played 22.8 percent of the offensive snaps last season, according to ESPNBoston tracking."
March 13, 2014 update The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson tweeted "Michael Hoomanawanui two-year deal, $2.4 million, $1.1 million guaranteed, $360,000 signing bonus". USAToday's Tom Pelissero tweeted "TE Michael Hoomanawanui's 2-year deal with #Patriots is worth $2.4M, with $1.1M gtd. Up to $400K incentives each year."
March 13, 2014 update The Boston Herald's Jeff Howe reported Michael Hoomanawanui's two-year, $2.4 million contract has been filed with the league. It includes a $360,000 signing bonus and $500,000 in guaranteed money. Here are the details.

Notes: NLTBE bonuses do not count against the cap unless achieved. Due to the signing bonus, Hoomanawanui should be expected to make the team out of camp."
March 14, 2014 update Since Hoomanawanui played in 13 games in 2013, his per-game roster bonus totals up to be $81,250 or $6,250 * 11. It appears that Hoomanawanui's playing-time incentives are LTBE for 2014.
December 28, 2014 update On December 28 the Boston Globe's Ben Volin reported that Michael Hoomanawanui "will get a $200,000 bonus if he remains over 40 percent, but the bonus will drop to $100,000 if he slips under 40% percent.
March 14, 2015 update Michael Hoomanawanui received a $300,000 roster bonus by being on the Patriots roster the fifth day of the 2015 League Year.

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