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Nate Solder

Year Salary Prorated
Signing Bonus
Roster Bonus Offseason Workout LTBE Total Cap Figure Cash Received Remaining Guaranteed Money Cap Hit if Cut Cap Savings if Cut or Traded Comments
2011 $375,000 $1,177,817 $1,552,817 $5,086,268 $7,770,686 2011 salary is fully guaranteed
2012 $763,204 $1,177,817 $1,941,021 $763,204 $6,217,869 2012 salary is fully guaranteed
2013 $1,151,408 $1,177,817 $2,329,225 $1,151,408$4,276,848 2013 salary is fully guaranteed
2014 $769,806 $1,177,817 $769,806 $2,717,429 $1,539,612 $2,717,429 Roster bonus became fully guaranteed on 4PM, March 17th
2015 $1,438,000 $4,166,666 $6,240 $5,610,906 $13,944,240 $19,938,000 Salary fully guaranteed. $12.5 million signing bonus
2016 $6,000,000 $4,166,666 $125,000 $31,000 $10,322,666 $6,156,000 $14,333,334 $14,333,334 (-$4,610,668) Cut
$1,389,332 Traded
Salary fully guaranteed. $31,250 46-man active roster bonus ($500,000 total)
2017 $6,500,000 $4,166,668 $125,000 $31,000 $11,197,668 $6,656,000 $4,166,668 $4,166,668 $6,041,000 $31,250 46-man active roster bonus ($500,000 total)

Nate Solder - All 2011 draft picks were tendered a $375,000 salary.
August 5, 2011 update On August 4th the Boston Globe's Monique Walker tweeted that "A few details on Patriots rookie OL Nate Solder's deal: It's 4-year contract totaling $8.54 mil, includes $4.7 mil signing bonus."
December 2, 2013 update On August 4, 2011 Scout.Com's Aaron Wilson reported that "New England Patriots rookie first-round offensive tackle Nate Solder has agreed to terms on an $8.54 million deal, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation. The contract includes a $4.7 million bonus and an average annual compensation of $2.13 million. And the deal is fully guaranteed for the first four years and includes a $769,806 non-guaranteed roster bonus on the fifth day of the league year in 2014."

Miguel's NOTES - The Patriots hold a fifth year option on Solder that will be worth the average value of the 3rd through 25th highest cap numbers at the offensive line position in 2014. The option can be picked up following the final game of the 2013 regular season and must be picked before May 4, 2014. The option is guaranteed for injury and becomes fully guaranteed if Nate Solder is on the Patriots roster at the start of the 2015 league year.

March 17, 2014 update Nate Solder's roster bonus became fully guaranteed on 4PM, March 17th

April 23, 2014 update The Patriots picked up Nate Solder's 2015 option. The option is guaranteed for injury only. It becomes fully guaranteed the first day of the 2015 League Year. Solder's 2015 salary will be $7.438 million.

May 17, 2016 update On September 15, 2015 ESPN's Mike Reiss provided a "breakdown of New England Patriots left tackle Nate Solder's two-year contract extension with the club and why it is unique from both sides:

Signing bonus: $12.5 million

Base salary: $1.438 million (full guarantee)
Pro Bowl bonus: $500,000
Salary cap charge: $5.610 million

Base salary: $6 million (full guarantee)
Roster bonus: $500,000 ($31,250 per game if on 46-man game-day roster)
Pro Bowl bonus: $500,000
Workout bonus: $31,000
Salary cap charge: $10.697 million

Base salary: $6.5 million
Roster bonus: $500,000 ($31,250 per game if on 46-man game-day roster)
Pro Bowl bonus: $500,000
Workout bonus: $31,000
Salary cap charge: $11.187 million
Note: Team agrees not to use franchise or transition tag

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: Solder's full guarantee is $20 million, which essentially means this deal sets him up for life. Almost every player wants to get to his second contract like this, because that is usually the one chance to cash in. At the same time, if Solder made it through this season healthy and was not restricted by the franchise or transition tag, he likely would have received more on the open market next year. One example of the current left tackle market was reflected in the pact signed by Washington's Trent Williams: five years, $66 million contract with $30 million guaranteed. These decisions for players are obviously personal and what is important to each player will vary. If a player likes his situation, he might be more willing to cash in early, still be paid fairly, but potentially leave some money on the table. If a player is more interested in maxing out every last dollar, this deal might be viewed as a non-starter and the decision would be made to head to the market in 2016. Solder does not strike me as a player who is driven by money, and this deal, while still generous, reflects that. By taking a shorter term, he lowers his full guarantee but also sets himself up to be a free agent again when he is 30 years old and could receive another big payday. As for the team, it creates $1.8 million in cap space this year and keeps a key player in place at fair but not break-the-bank price."

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